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We are here to help you. If you need any kind of help for installation of Quickbooks software for your OS either Windows or Mac, or facing any sorts of issues while using Quickbooks apps as well as software then we can help you in sorting out your issues.

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Our Customer Service – Why Our Quickbooks Support Service?

After lot of hard work and thorough research for years, finally we have created a software which our customer needs.

Quickbooks lets you manage your business accounts in and easy and secure way. We always keep ourselves updated with latest technologies and we always look to improve our product accordingly.

Made especially for small and medium sized businesses, it works smoothly on all platforms. For those who encounters any issues or error while using and need any technical support then you can contact us on our 24/7 Quickbooks customer service phone number. We promise to resolve your issues as soon as possible.

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Reasons for Using Quickbooks instead of other accounting softwares

Being accounting software, Quickbooks is a need for many small and medium sized businesses. Here are few benefits of Quickbooks

Make Organization Easy

It maintains all work responsibilities for an accountant and makes their work easy.

File Tax And Monitor Income

One can easily file their tax reports and monitor their income without any issues and worry.

Get Time on Your Side

It is customer friendly and easy to work software. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large enterprise or small one. It can be easily used by any organizations.

More Productive

Due to its easiness in accounts management, it inspires employers as well as employee to be more productive.

Safe And Secure

This financial software is safe and secure and always keeps updating according to latest technologies.

Easy to use interface

As mentioned earlier about its safety and security, it also has large automated backup services like cloud services for storing important business data.

There are lots of other accounting software in market having high prices but are not customer friendly, but Quickbooks comes at affordable prices and many other businesses are liking this one. 

Quickbooks Support for Quickbooks Products


Quickbook Desktop Support

It provides a facility where customers don’t need to go to the web browser in order to login into their account or for checking Quickbooks website. For customers who need help in any issue can contact Quickbooks customer care phone number.

Quickbooks Enterprise Support

It is a all-in-one quicker solution for all your business needs. With the help of this software you can easily manage your account, inventory, process custom reporting for your business   and other additional features. If you are encounter any sorts of issues then you can contact us on Quickbook customer service phone number.

Quickbooks Enterprise

Quickbooks Online Support

It is a perfect solution for invoice as well as other business project management purposes for small as well as medium enterprises. Report any problems to our Quickbooks technical support and get your issues resolved quickly.

Quickbooks Premier Support

This is responsible for payments, expenses as well as transaction related activities in business. Call our premier support to get consultation for resolving all your issues quickly.

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Quickbooks Pro Support

It deals with the tracking of business expenses while creating invoices efficiently. In addition, it also helps with the automated facility of backup and restoration.

Quickbooks Payroll Help

It helps in dealing with all sorts of business taxation and payroll calculations easily. For any queries you can contact our Quickbooks Payroll support.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Setting up email in Quickbooks is somehow easy way but it requires webmail or Outlook for any sorts of transaction. For this the fundamental thing you need is an Outlook email profile.

First you need to setup Outlook with Quickbooks

Step1 – First you need to contact your internet provider for some basic details viz. username, password, incoming email server address, incoming email server type and outgoing email server address.

Step 2 – Outlook setup

In order for setting up Outlook you need to go to the Edit menu of Quickbooks and select Outlook by selecting preferences and send forms.

Now you need to set up webmail with Quickbooks

  • Go to the edit menu of Quickbooks and then select Preferences and send forms.
  • Now select your provider from drop-down and enter your email address by selecting webmail and add.
  • After this, you need to select Use Enhanced Security checkbox and Ok. Then if you receive any prompts then sign in to your intuit account.
  • Lastly you will see your webmail’s provider’s login page and then you can sign in and use it accordingly.

Created by Intuit, Quickbooks is an financial accounting software designed for small as well as medium enterprises offering accounting applications and cloud versions like business payments, managing as well as paying bills, payroll management, bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, sales tax, tracking expenses, managing invoices and other accounting needs to improve the way for running business.  

You can download its software from its original site for desktop or Windows or Mac. You can also download its Quickbooks app accordingly.

Before running payroll you need two things, first you have to add employee’s work hours and second you need to add a business account into Quickbooks from which you will be able to pay your employees.

Follow below steps after you have done with above fundamental things –

  • To run payroll, you need to go to Employee -> Payroll center and then go to Pay Employees. After this you will be redirected to a screen ‘Welcome to your first payroll’ and click on Ok to get started.
  • After this you can enter all payroll information in your Quickbooks panel to pay your employees like selecting which employee you want to pay, beginning and end day of pay period, bank account which you have added to transfer money from.
  • After this step, review all the information you have entered to make sure they are correct. Then Quickbooks softwares will help you in determining number of paychecks will be issued along with gross pay, tax deductions etc and lastly confirm on creating paychecks.

Lastly from here you have the facility of getting hard copy of employees checks or pay stubs for direct deposits.

Apart from managing accounting deals, Quickbooks also helps businesses to restore data as it helps in creating a backup of all your important files.

If somehow your files got deleted then you can recover it in following ways –

  • Select open or restore company to restore the backup files after opening of Quickbooks folder and navigating to file open.
  • After this select the option of restoring a backup up copy having .qbb extensions.
  • Then go to local backup -> Next ->backup copy a window will open.
  • Lastly select the location where you want to save the backup files by clicking on the drop-down menu.

As Quickbooks are created for managing business accounting but it can also be used for personal accounting software as well.

  • Install this software in your personal computer after downloading it from its respective site or purchasing it somewhere else.
  • During installation, you will encounter Quickbooks’ EasyStep Interview Wizard which will guide you to create a profile, connecting to your bank account and other activities.
  • You can choose whether Quickbooks can automatically download your checking account transactions or you would do manually.

After this, you can add your transactions by clicking on “Add Transaction” as well as your expenses via Vendor Centre by clicking on “New Vendor” and then you can use them accordingly.

Synchronizing Quickbooks’ data with Outlook is not only an easy task but is also saves lot of time and reduces the possibilities of data entry errors.  

  • Download Quickbooks Contact Sync for Outlook tool and install it.
  • Then start Quickbooks as well as Outlook and click on ‘Get Started’ on Quickbooks Contact so that Outlook windows will appear in Outlook. When outlook and Quickbooks will get connected then setup window will begin.
  • After this, start the wizard and select the types of data you want to sync and click Next after confirming.
  • Then a Mapping Customer fields Section will open and confirm any changes you want to do and then click on ‘Sync Now’  to complete the process.

You can also access contact sync any time by clicking on “Add-in” tab and “Synchronize Contacts”.

You can visit our website and call on Quickbooks customer support number i.e., 1800 000 300 and your issue will be resolved in a jiffy.

Quickbooks support phone number is +1800 000 300

Though Quickbooks has two most important built-in features viz., verify data as well as rebuild data which helps verifying data issues and resolving them.

Rebuilding Quickbooks data is very easy if you follow these steps –

–         First go to file -> utilities -> rebuild data after opening Quickbooks.

–         After this application will display backup file as warning message and confirm it OK.

–         Then application will rebuild the data and after completion click OK. Lastly, you can run verify data in order to check for any left data.

Some vital things to remember is when application shows message like ‘Quickbooks is not responding’ so that time, don’t take any other action instead wait for some time for data rebuilding process.

Another thing, if data verification fails, then try to repeat the process until it successfully completes the process.

Follow below steps to pay your employees using Quickbooks –

–         Go to the Employee Center Window and choose employees -> pay employees -> scheduled payroll.

–         Now at the top of the center window you will find ‘Start the Scheduled Payroll you want to run’ and click on it.

–         After this, go to supply the payroll check date and use it to fill date which you want to display on pay checks.

–         Then in Pay Period ends box identify the date on which the payroll ends and then go to the bank Account drop-down list to select the bank account on which you want to provide checks.

–         Then you need to check the employees whom you want to pay as Quickbooks shows the list of active employees in scheduled payroll. After confirming it click continue.

You will see preview of checks and then you need to click on Create Paychecks button and if you want to have a hard copy of that then you can click on Print Paychecks.

Follow these steps for recording customer prepayments in Quickbooks – 
I.Entering cheques or payments to the supplier – 
Go to the bank deposit by selecting new button and the bank account from 
which money is to be sent as well as payment date. 
Then go to the Add funds to this deposit sector and enter all the respective 
information viz.,  
RECEIVED FROM : Customer name 
ACCOUNT: Debtors 
AMOUNT : Enter amount paid by the customer 
And after this save this and close.  
II.For entering invoice, select invoice and provide all essential information and 
save and close.  
III.Applying prepayments to invoice –  
Click on receive payment by opening the invoice. 
After this, go to Outstanding Transactions section and select the invoices 
which you need to attach with prepayments and then move on to credit 
In credit section you need to select relevant Payments and if there is any 
amount is due on the bill then you can pay it by editing the payment 
amount against the invoice and if there is no balance due then no need to 
do anything. Just save it and close.
Partial bill payment to Vendors in Quickbooks –  
Step 1- after opening Quickbooks go to ‘Vendors-> pay bills -> Show all bills’ 
Step 2 now go to that bill which you need to pay partially. Quickbooks will help 
you in displaying total amount of bill and confirm it by clicking on check mark.  
Step 3 now you need to enter the amount of partial bill payment in ‘Amt to pay’ 
Step 4  after this, you need to click on payment method and select the suitable 
type of partial payment and select the ‘Assign Check No’ option and enter the 
check number. If you are having check then select the ‘to be printed’ option.  
Step 5  Lastly, click on ‘pay and close’ so that partial payment can be recorded 
and then close the window.

Steps for adding a bank account in Quickbooks Pro –

In order to add a bank account first you need to company->Charts of accounts->account->New

Step 1 – Now you need to select suitable account type. For this select option ‘Bank’ and then click on continue button. You will see a list of checkboxes of Income, expenses, bank, loan, credit card etc.

Step 2- After this you have to name the bank account like savings or checking and then click on select from examples.

Step 3- Now you have to attach that account to a subaccount- you will see a checkbox of subaccount and in that you can enter a subaccount.

 Step 4- After this, you need to write a brief description of your account so you will be able to recognize it in account charts.

Step 5- Then you need to fill the basic details like bank account number, routing number.

Step 6 – now if you have opening balance for your account, then you have to enter that information by clicking on enter the opening balance button.

Lastly you can save your account and if you want you can enable live bank feeds and notifications to get latest news.

Steps to follow to undo any transactions in Quickbooks –

  • First go to the file and select ‘clear’ in order to delete any sorts of unsaved information which have been added by you in a new transaction either in customer, vendor or employee centers. ]
  • Now go to the file and select ‘revert’ to undo all the changes which were made till last save.
  • Again go to the file, and select ‘clear’ while working with bank account register in order to undo the last entry.
  • Lastly go to the file and select ‘Undo typing’ so as to remove the last entry from the list of items like Fixed price lists, price Level list or general item list. In this way you can undo any transactions from Quickbooks.   

Follow these steps:-

  • First open ‘Receive payment’ option after clicking on Customer.
  • Now type the name of customer for which you want to find unapplied payments.
  • Now open discount window by clicking on ‘Discounts and Credits’ option.
  • After this in this window you need to apply the unapplied credit balance in invoice and Quickbooks will automatically arrange the credit balance.
  • After confirming the changes, save it and your transaction amount will be displayed zero and then close it.
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We ofering Quickbooks software for desktops and Quickbooks support like Quickbooks Pro Support, Quickbooks premier support, Quickbooks Desktop Support, Quickbooks Enterprise Support to small and medium enterprises in order to make their financial accounting easy. 

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